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Many pet owners wonder when it is the right time to take their pet to the vet and when they may be ...
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Choosing Veterinary Boarding Kennels

While many people think of veterinarians only when their pets are having healthcare problems or for preventative maintenance, many veterinarians offer kennel services to care for your pet when you are aware. Just as it is important to give careful consideration when choosing a vet for the healthcare of your pet it is also important to carefully select veterinarians who will be caring for your pets in your absence.

First, check with the veterinarian to find out how many hours someone will be on staff with the animals boarding at the facility. Not all veterinarian run kennels have the ability to have a staff person on site at the kennel around the clock. If the stay will involve a weekend or holiday this can also be particularly important.

Furthermore, find out information regarding hours for drop off and pick up. If you’re not able to drop off or pick up your pet at the specified time, find out whether you will be able to designate someone else to handle the task or whether you will be required to drop off and pick up your pet(s) yourself.

Always be sure to ask whether there are any vaccination requirements for your pet to stay there. This is not that uncommon, particularly when the kennel is run by a veterinary office.

Before making a final decision take the time to tour the facility and find out how the kennels are arranged. Are the runs indoor or outdoor? Is there an exercise area for the animals? Evaluate the size of the runs. This can be particularly important if you have a large pet. You want to be sure the runs are spacious enough to accommodate your pet. Is there an area that is dry where your pet can sleep without being exposed to the elements? While there find out information regarding the feeding schedules for the animals on residence as well as walking schedules. Be wary of any veterinary kennel that will not allow you to view all areas of the kennel as well as those who do not welcome unannounced drop-ins. This could be a sign which may indicate problems.

You should also find out whether the veterinary kennel will exercise and walk your pet and if so whether there is an additional fee charged for this service. Furthermore you should find out what the procedure will be in the event there is an emergency.

Be sure to ask whether you can bring your pet’s own food or whether the veterinary kennel will provide food. This can be an important factor because while some pets do not mind switching foods it can be a hardship for others and it might be better if you are allowed to bring your pet’s own food. Along the same lines find out whether you will be allowed to bring your pet’s favorite toys and blanket.

If your pet requires medication, it’s also a good idea to find out whether there will be an additional fee charged for the administration of the medications. You may also wish to ask whether the kennel offers bathing and grooming services for your pet before you pick him/her up. Finally, do not forget to ask whether sick animals are kept away from the animals who are boarding.

After your trip, be sure to discuss any problems which may have arisen with the veterinarian. In most instances you can count on veterinary kennels to provide excellent care for your pet during your absence; however, if there is a problem do not hesitate to speak to the veterinarian about it. This will help to avoid any problems in the future as well as ensure the health of your pet.
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