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Neutering-What you Should Know

If you are considering having your pet neutered it is important to understand a few basic facts about this procedure.

Neutering, often confused with spaying, is a surgical procedure which is performed on male cats and dogs as a way of controlling the pet population. While spaying is a major surgery because it involves invasive procedures, neutering is not considered to be a major surgery. This is because the procedures involves do not enter any internal body cavities. The pet undergoing the surgery will have general anesthesia; however, and it should be understood there are some risks associated with the use of anesthesia.

If you are considering having your pet spayed it is important to separate many of the myths that are often associated with the surgery from reality. Many pet owners often hesitate to have their pet neutered, particularly their dogs, because they are concerned their pet won’t be a good watch dog anymore. This is completely untrue and actually opposite from the truth. Dogs have a natural instinct to protect their territory as well as their families. Because they are no longer interested in female dogs in the neighborhood they will actually be much more content to stay home after being neutered. In addition, neutered dogs are typically far less aggressive than dogs who have not been neutered.

Other pet owners fear their animals will gain weight if they have them neutered. When considering this it is important to keep in mind that exercise and proper nutrition are what will keep your pet in shape and healthy, regardless of whether or not he is neutered.

Pets who have been spayed and neutered also have a lower risk of developing cancer. In male pets who have been neutered the risk of testicular, prostate and perianal cancer is greatly reduced over the lifetime.

Being a responsible pet owner means understanding the huge problem pet overpopulation has become in the United States as well as many other countries. Although it can be difficult for many pet owners to find a time when it is financially convenient to afford to have their pet neutered, there are often many ways the matter can be handled. If you find you are having difficult finding a way to afford to have your pet neutered be sure to speak to your vet about possible payment options.

When you take your pet in to be neutered be aware that your vet may want to have blood work performed before the actual surgery. This allows your vet to assess your pet’s liver and kidney function so anesthesia can be properly handled during the procedure. If your pet’s liver and kidneys are not working correctly it could interfere with the anesthesia so please do not ignore this important part of the procedure.

After the procedure your vet may use skin staples, absorbable sutures and traditional sutures that will need to be removed at a later date. Be sure to ask your vet what kind of staples or sutures have been used and if you need to bring your pet back in for a follow-up appointment.

When it comes to recovery time, animals who have been neutered usually recovery somewhat faster than animals who have been spayed due to the fact that the neutering process is not invasive like spaying. Generally, pets who have been neutered are able to get back to normal quite quickly. In fact, most pets are back to normal within a day. Keep in mind; however, that it is still a good idea to restrict pets who are normally very active for a while to ensure sutures are not opened.
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